We are incredibly excited to announce and present the new “San Lorenzo” range, available as a cut length service, fully stock supported, woven in 100% Escorial and finished in the traditional “London Shrunk”.

San Lorenzo 130 years of design

Why “San Lorenzo”? The original Escorial Royal flock bred by the King Of Spain in the 18th century was kept alongside one of the Kings proudest monuments, the iconic monastery we know as “San Lorenzo”. Located within the beating heart of the Royal estate has been and still remains to this day a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, design and heritage which we felt is very fitting for this new Escorial bunch.

The King of Spain's 18th Century Royal Estate

The range is a smaller collection of patterns which includes a year-round medium weight suiting in a 2/2 twill in clear-cut finishing. It’s been scoured, tentered, cropped, pressed & London shrunk. A lengthy complicated process but we feel it’s worthwhile.

The heavier woollen finished additions to this exclusive range also come in a 2/2 twill & bell Celtic.

Escorial flock

We have chosen to weave this Escorial range in this particular order and way as it is not only the most natural and purest way to settle the fibres but also compliments this exceptional and rare fibre. Due to the natural elasticity of Escorial, it not only gives the cloth a distinct soft handle but ensures it is not too lively for the cutters board and makers hands. It also means that the end product once made up is an incredibly resilient garment with a supple yet distinct handle.

26 fully stock supported unique patterns are available exclusively for cut length tailor orders.

Please contact your local Standeven agent or sales@standevenfabrics.co.uk to arrange delivery.