SIL Holdings has a wide portfolio of worsted brands selling cloth worldwide.

Under the Luxury Fabrics banner the group is proud to have five world-famous, high-quality worsted brands in John Foster, William Halstead, Kynoch, Charles Clayton and S.Selka.

These five very distinct and individual businesses have each been recognised and awarded the Gold Woolmark, the highest accolade from this well-known marque. Each brand also has its own in-house team to design, weave and distribute suiting and jacketing fabrics around the world. All but Kynoch are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire; the birthplace of fine weaving. Their cloths carry the Made in England label which is an inherent stamp of quality, manufacturing control, heritage and expertise.

These worsted brands supply high-end fashion houses as well as wholesalers, tailors and clothing manufacturers across the globe.

Alongside these brands we operate a number of other businesses, all benefiting from our textile expertise in West Yorkshire. Jerome Fabrics also services a global client base with fabrics whilst Alpaca Innovations is undertaking textile innovation with the fabulous Peruvian fibre.

Finally our cloth merchant division, Standeven, distributes fabric to tailors around the world. A growing and successful venture, we’re excited about the range and quality of the fabrics we can show.

Click on the names of the businesses below to find out more about each.

john foster logo

“Consistency, woven from our lasting legacy”

Founded in 1819, John Foster produces a modern collection of subtle, stylish designs and timeless cloths of the highest standards for customers all over the world. Their fabrics have continually won awards since the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Season after season they evolve and nuance their products and designs to stay current. Their fabrics are recognised and appreciated for their quality and design by discerning buyers, tailors and wearers. With a core range made from fine micron wools, and additional options blending cashmere and other noble fibres, John Foster produce a collection that speaks of the history, heritage and tradition – they are arguably one of the two finest mohair mills in the world (along with William Halstead).

A key strength of John Foster is the often long-established relationships with customers. Those customers value the confidence and stability John Foster provides through a consistent record of meeting their needs and delivering on their promises.

Find out more by visiting the John foster website at

william halstead logo

“Fashioning new British classics”

William Halstead has been famously redefining the boundaries of cloth design and setting new standards of manufacture for well over 100 years.

Their fabrics are what the finest brands in the world use to ignite their innovative designs and to deliver depth, feel and excitement. For customers like you, with a clear purpose and vision, they will make your vision a commercial reality.

Still weaving in the original mill buildings built by William Halstead himself in 1875, they are world famous for weaving the finest mohair fabrics, together with traditional worsteds as well. They produce a collection of exciting and innovative designs and there is no one better to talk to when you want that quintessentially British look.

Working with Halstead isn’t all about buying cloth though; you’ll have a relationship with a team of passionate account managers and talented in-house designers who understand the very essence of cloth, and just as importantly, how to collaborate with you to deliver something individual and special.

Find out more by visiting the William Halstead website at

charles clayton logo

“Tomorrow’s elegance, for you today”

Charles Clayton label speaks of understated luxury in worsted suitings.

When you handle a Charles Clayton cloth you’ll feel the care and attention that our team of skilled craftsmen and women put into every piece. You’ll also see the Made in England legend and the Charles Clayton name as an assurance of the highest quality.

A garment tailored in Charles Clayton is a pleasure to own and beautiful to wear.

By weaving the finest count yarns, often mixing the highest quality merino wool with other luxury noble fibres such as cashmere and silk, they bring you some of the finest, most luxurious worsted cloths. Cloths that are subtly stylish, a pleasure to work into garments, that perform consistently and drape well.

Find out more by visiting the Charles Clayton website at

selka logo

“The Middle East’s favourite fine worsted brand”

From its humble beginnings during the First World War, this small family business swiftly grew to become an icon of the traditional worsted weaving industry in Yorkshire.

A member of the SIL Group for many years, the business remains one of the longest established and best known of the British fabric suppliers in the Middle East. With very strong relationships built over many years of constantly visiting and working with customers, these personal connections go hand in hand with quality, reliability, service, trust and the ability to create the perfect products for the market.

With wide representation and regular visits to all the major Middle East markets – Saudi Arabia (Riyadh & Jeddah), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi – their experienced sales and design team provide specific collections which are second to none. Known for a fantastic range of plains in a wide variety of qualities and weights and an unrivaled colour range to choose from, Selka is most recognised for its Imperial Venetian fabric known simply to many as 323 quality. Simply the most famous, the original and the best Herbid in the market.

Find out more by visiting the Selka website at

standeven logo

“The Tailor’s Mill”

With access to powerful and world renowned fabrics, Standeven is able to offer a fabulous range of bunches available to be bought as cut-lengths by tailors.

With a dedicated merchant operation they can dispatch all orders around the world quickly and efficiently.

In the United Kingdom only Standeven manufactures and merchants fabric around the world. In that way they control the whole process and as a cut-length buyer you benefit from access to the finest worsted cloths and our integrated group operation with expertise from fibre to fabric.

jerome fabrics logo

“A legendary name with a product for today’s high street”

The Jerome name is one that has been synonymous with textiles in West Yorkshire for generations.

Today the Jerome business supplies quality fabrics for formal garments to the high street chain stores in the UK, as well as for corporatewear.

The Jerome Essentials Collection is an exciting, yet cost-effective range of fabrics in polyester, polyester/viscose and polyester/wool, many options available with additional lycra or elastane for durability and to allow garments to maintain their shape.

With in-house design capability and knowledgeable textile experts they also have a range of more specific products which provide a creative textile solution not available from other suppliers in the market, at a price that’s right for your business.

If you’d like to find out more about what Jerome might do for your business, please call us on 01274-726744 or email us at

alpaca innovations logo

“Opening up new frontiers with luxurious alpaca”

Alpaca is a significantly under-utilised fibre in worsted weaving and yet it has a number of unique qualities that means that alpaca worsted cloth is luxurious to wear and yet robust and resistant to creasing pilling and staining.

Alpaca Innovations have developed a capsule collection of 100% alpaca worsted cloths and a number of woollen woven fabrics using the expertise and experience of our Group weaving operations. Whilst not easy to weave, we have produced some stunning cloths that are ready to grace the fashion catwalks of the world.

If you would like more information about how we are innovating with alpaca, simply call 01274 726744 or email us at

Did you know this about alpaca?

It is the 2nd strongest natural fibre after silk
Available in a wide range of natural colours
It contains no lanolin, and so does not require environmentally unfriendly fibre processing
It is hypoallergenic
Alpaca’s insulating properties are 5-7 times higher than wool due to the fibre structure. Additionally, where fabrics are constructed appropriately for use in hot climates the fabrics are “breathable” and feel cool
Fabrics produced are flame retardant, water resistant and very resistant to creasing, pilling and staining
With proper construction, alpaca fabrics are machine washable at 40 degrees
Described as “the fibre of the Gods”, because the Incas have used it for over 5,000 years

“Servicing the services”

Meridian is a true textile solutions business among our apparel brands. With a global client base Meridian supply a whole range of corporatewear, uniform and camouflage products.

And it’s not just jacketing and coating fabrics, they can supply finished products in all kinds of apparel items such as shirts, jackets, uniforms (No.1 dress, No.2 dress and ordinary duties), camouflage garments as well as hats and dress headwear.

Clients are not just limited to the military though with police and other civilian services, as well as corporate and other uniformed personnel being dressed by Meridian. Garments and products can be supplied in a range of yarns including wool, poly-cotton, polyester and all usual options and blends.

Meridian Textile Solutions have grown to be truly trusted within the procurement of large volumes of uniform garments.

To find out more about Merdian’s experience and expertise call 01535 690443 or email