In woollen fabrics SIL Holdings also has a number of world-renowned brands – two have a heritage that stretches back to 1767 and 1788.

These brands have learnt a thing or two over the last 200 years, and indeed all the businesses within the Woollen Fabrics Division are distinctive, individual and patronised by some of the world’s finest fashion brands.

Each brand maintains its individuality and distinctive handwriting through independent design teams and the autonomy to continue to develop the right products to continually excite their discerning customers.

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joshua ellis logo

“The art of cashmere”

Effortlessly elegant, deliciously soft and luxuriously understated – nothing charms the senses quite like cashmere. And the world’s finest cashmere has been almost 250 years in the making. Established in 1767, Joshua Ellis manufactures the most sought after cashmere jacketing, coating and accessories.

Handcrafted in Yorkshire, Joshua Ellis fabrics are the quintessential choice for the finest brands in fashion, a touch of sophistication without equal. So, if you demand the very height of luxury, only Joshua Ellis cashmere will do.

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kynoch 1788 logo

“Created in Scotland, crafted by generations”

The Kynoch jacketing, coating and suiting fabrics are exciting, vibrant and luxurious; they are the result of the unique blend of influences that are woven into their business.

Their in-house designers are inspired by the colourful hillsides and rolling countryside of the Scottish Borders. This palette of natural and accent colours are subtlety combined, often into twist yarns, before being expertly woven to create depth and character into every piece of cloth.

Generation after generation since 1788, the Kynoch name has been synonymous with fine weaving. Today they combine modern manufacturing with traditional skills. Through experience, judgement and these craft skills they create a truly luxurious product that has been the choice of Hollywood film stars, royalty and world statesmen for decades.

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