The SIL Holdings group has a number of businesses that provide textile production, finishing and conversion capabilities.

Many have innovative and market leading capabilities and some retain skills and survive as one of only a handful of providers in the UK.

As well as adding expertise, these businesses are an integral part of our fibre to fabric story. What binds these facilities to the SIL Holdings family is their commitment to Textile Excellence.

Working for other Group operations, but also for brands such as Hermes and Burberry, they provide specialist and complex skills critical to the quality of the finished product.

Click on the names of the businesses below to find out more about each.

stanley mills weavers logo

Fabric has been woven at Stanley Mills since 1890. As well as a reputation as one of the world’s finest worsted weavers they remain one of only a handful of specialist mohair weavers. But, the business can provide so much more than just weaving.

With a Project Managed Production capability they have an end-to-end process that can start with design and end when they deliver the finished goods on your behalf. Place yourself in their experienced hands, and combine that with their computer tracking systems and processes and you have a valued production partner. This same system provides them with complete traceability of raw material and production.

Find out more about their weaving capabilities and their Project Managed Production service by visiting their website at

roberts dyers and finishers

Roberts Dyers & Finishers is one of the leading worsted and woollen, cotton and linen cloth finishers in the world. Tracing its roots back to 1900 the company combines traditional methods with modern techniques and equipment giving customers bespoke products of the highest quality.

They specialise in dyeing and finishing fine quality British fabrics for the clothing and furnishing industries, with the ability to create unique finishes and match colours exactly.

With a capability to process wool, cashmere, mohair, linen, viscose, cotton and blends of fibre their piece dyeing service is often a more responsive and cost effective alternative to yarn dyeing. Piece dyeing allows you to prepare the fabric up to the point of dyeing and hold it until you specify the colour. Roberts also have an extensive range of finishing treatments but are also happy to discuss specific needs with individual customers.

To find out more about Roberts Dyers & Finishers’ capabilities and their innovative finishes such as Nanosphere and CoolBlack visit their website at

fts dyers logo

Throughout life there are brands and businesses you know and come to rely on. These businesses always deliver; always remain true to their brand values. FTS Dyers customers think of them in this way.

Their customers know that when it comes to package dyeing of woollen yarn, wool blends, luxury protein yarns, synthetics and cellulosics, FTS Dyers offer Reliability, Experience and Flexibility.

Trusted by some of the textile industry’s foremost names to produce an excellent match each and every time, FTS Dyers are also used for development work with five small dyeing machines ranging from 0.5kg through to 3kg. They take on the complex or challenging jobs and deliver through an experienced technical team.

FTS Dyers operate 30 production yarn dyeing machines, ranging from 5kg, through to 1000kg, depending on the yarn and package type. Their yarn carriers are designed to accommodate many types of spinner’s packages, and we have a soft-winding facility, should the package not be suitable.

With an extensive purpose built warehouse that allows them to hold yarn stock for you and daily deliveries around the UK, FTS Dyers are uniquely placed to be responsive to your short-term needs.

Find out more by visting their website at

Originally set up to produce mohair loop yarn for weaving blankets and throws, MSL is adjacent to the mohair combing division of SIL Holdings at Ladywell Mills.

The spinning plant is capable of producing slub, boucle, flamme and brushed fancy yarns on their hollow spindle fancy twisting frames. This resource has become more and more valuable to our Group with the resurgence in hand-knitting and home crafts.

To find out more about our exact production capabilities and capacity visit the Mohair Spinners page on the MBA Yarns website

The Cashmere Combing Company was created to focus on cashmere carding and combing. Today the business processes a number of natural fibres as well as cashmere; fibres such as camel, alpaca and mohair. CCC is now equipped with 8 cards, 8 combs and 4 gilling lines and is a fully versatile unit.

To find out more about the background and capabilities of Cashmere Combing Company visit their page on the Seal International website at

The knowledgeable and skilled local work force is a cornerstone of our mohair combing plant, George Ackroyd. Combing fibre, and in particular mohair, requires more specialist skills than those in wool combing at other production plants.

With the knowledge and bespoke machinery to produce the finest product, speed and quantity are not their focus – quality and customer satisfaction are.

Find out more about their production capabilities by visiting their page on the Seal International website at