Fibre Trading is historically the core of the business and is where the group began.  Today, it still contributes a major portion of the group’s turnover, sourcing fibres from all origin markets and selling to the full range of clients throughout the world.

Seal International

The group operates a number of businesses trading predominantly in speciality fibres such as Mohair, Cashmere, Alpaca, Silk, Angora, Camelhair, Yak and Vicuna.

The primary fibre business is Seal International, one of the largest speciality fibre stockholders and traders in the world.  Whatever a client’s requirement, Seal deals with enquires, sampling, orders and deliveries quickly and efficiently.

Originally founded by Raymond Seal in 1970, the business is run by his two sons Andrew and Jeremy and now with involvement from a third generation of the family.

Seal International benefits from this stability, with the many decades of experience and continuity that family involvement brings. Seal continue to travel the world buying fibre at source and couple this with as many face-to-face customer relationships as possible.

The three cornerstones of the Seal International business – Quality Assurance, Reliability and Availability – are the reason many clients maintain long-term relationships and have come to depend on the unique service provided. Through these founding principles, Seal provide the backdrop of confidence that every client and every enquiry will receive the same urgent attention,  whether the enquiry is for 10kgs or 10 tonnes. Seal’s in-house production capabilities facilitate this and enable bespoke qualities, specific to each client’s needs, to be established and produced.

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