From fibre to fabric

Our Group comprises of more than 25 businesses divided into 7 divisions. With many based around Bradford in West Yorkshire, they work closely to continue to build Textile Excellence and a common desire to deliver on this promise.

Whilst the Group has a core promise of Textile Excellence, each business is independently managed and operated in order that it can be agile and responsive, delivering for its customers in the most appropriate way for them.

Our businesses span almost every stage of the conversion of natural animal fibre into finished cloth and operate in more than 60 countries.

Explore deeper into each division and the businesses within them to discover the range of skills and the well-known brands and businesses that are part of our Group.

  • The aim for all our businesses are strong, independent management teams. We are also passionate about maintaining close collaboration, sharing our Group-wide expertise and ensuring our products remain the first choice for our customers.
    jeremy seal sil holdings group director quote
    - Jeremy Seal, Director