Working for a greener industry

At SIL Holdings we are focused on providing greener and eco-friendly products. Buying our own fibre we can be more confident of its history, heritage and provenance.

Sustainability, traceability and being environmentally friendly is a key focus for all the businesses in the SIL Holdings Group. We are always happy to have an open and frank discussion about how green and sustainable our businesses are.

sil holdings environment

Whilst we actively pursue a green and eco-friendly agenda, and communicate our desire to the businesses with whom we work, it’s not always possible to deliver as green a product as we would like. However, our core fibres are covered by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certification.

In addition to sourcing green product, the Group has set out a number of objectives to achieve, and look forward to observing the positive effects of these on our businesses. The main objectives are:

Minimise and recycle waste becoming compliant with Producer Responsibility Obligations
Minimise carbon emissions and become compliant with Carbon Reduction Commitment
Introduce an Environmental Management System and work towards ISO14001 certification
Cut gas, water and electricity consumption
Reduce the impact of vehicle emissions
Reduce printer costs and improve our environmental impact in respect of printing

The Group already has various measures in place to tackle these objectives:

We are selling the majority of the by-products of fibre top production undertaken in our mills to reduce waste
External consultants have been putting together a plan to help us achieve the Carbon Reduction Commitment
Our suppliers are compliant with REACH regulations. (REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the
Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals)
As we are a group of businesses, many of which are local to each other, transport costs are kept as low as possible.
Where global distribution is required we aim to use only suppliers who are ‘green’
UPS offer a carbon neutral shipment option for a small fee which we add when we use their services
Our technology services supplier have an effective environmental policy in place and have ISO 14001 certification