We have been looking back through 2017 at the achievements made by each of the brands within the group, here are our favourite highlights from the last 12 months;

Joshua Ellis & Co. Ltd
Celebrating their monumental 250th anniversary, it was a year to a remember for Joshua Ellis. As part of their 250th celebrations, Joshua Ellis collaborated with Huntsman on a special cloth project. Huntsman, a bespoke tailor of the highest tradition, situated on the iconic Savile Row in London, have a rich history themselves that stretches back over 167 years. 

The Princess Royal, who is President of the UK Fashion and Textile Association, visited Joshua Ellis to mark their 250thanniversary. She was given a tour of the offices and the design and production process at the mill in Batley where she met the staff, specifically seven members with long-service achievements and three production apprentices. 









Standeven Fabrics
This year Standeven Fabrics has welcomed a Royal visitor, opening its doors to HRH The Princess Royal. It was an occasion to remember as Princess Anne was given a tour of the offices and the entire production process, where she met staff at  Stanley Mills.


Luxury Fabrics Ltd
Each year the team from Luxury Fabrics Ltd attend an annual dinner, hosted by The Bradford Textile Society. It is a great occasion to network with those in the textile industry while meeting with friends and colleagues. 









FTS Dyers
2017 has seen a focus for FTS Dyers in their apprenticeship programme, forging links with the SDC – Society of Dyers and Colourists to provide further education, qualifications and development of key skills for employees enlisted on the scheme.










William Halstead
2017 was a great year for the William Halstead Pinstripe fabric, as seen in the film Kingsman – The Golden Circle. We have proudly seen our fabrics tailored wonderfully and worn with pride on set of this Box Office hit movie.






MBA Yarns
We congratulate MBA Yarns on launching three collections of coloured Mohair yarns, known as Silverton (100% Mohair), Silversea (50% Mohair 50% Wool) and Whitby (Mohair Loop). Mohair yarns are known for their durability, strength, elasticity and insulating properties, giving them an edge over other leading alternatives. The new yarn ranges have seen great success with customers old and new.






Kynoch 1788
Working alongside Opera de Paris and their production of La Sulphide, one of the world’s oldest ballets set in Scotland, Kynoch was given the task of designing a modern, yet traditional plaid costume fabric. Woven in both red and blue, the fabric has been a huge success with fans during the ballets tour of France.








Abbotsford Textiles
Maximising all opportunities that came their way, Abbotsford exhibited their range of wool fabrics at the BCFA Manchester trade show and took it all in their stride. Re-invigorating business with existing customers and meeting with many potential new customers, boosting business further in the latter part of 2017. Adding to the expanding portfolio away from dry land, Abbotsford successfully completed the interior furnishing of the latest Royal Navy QE carrier and submarines, in addition to servicing the interiors on board the P&O leisure ferries.








Seal International

Last year Seal International invested in a state of the art OFDA (Optical-based Fibre Diameter Analyser) machine, reinforcing their offer of reliability and delivery of the highest possible quality assurance levels.
The new machine provides customers with solid results they can trust, offering full detailed reports on length and diameter of fibres. In addition, the new OFDA machine can assist in producing detailed blends, as a result meeting more customer requirements and requests. The machine can be used to test production samples and delivery samples, in addition to independent customer testing and supplier testing, offering quality testing and reliability every step of the way.


Stanley Mills Weavers

Investing in their future, last year Stanley Mills Weavers installed new weaving machinery to the value of £1.2m. Weaving some of the finest worsted and mohair cloths in the world, the investment helped to secure business continuation at the top of their game both in this country and for their global export trade.

Looking ahead to 2018

Now that we’ve taken some time to reflect on the events of last year, it’s time to look at what lies ahead in 2018.
The focus for the coming year is to drive the message of SIL Holdings’ unique chain of operation and quality in supply and manufacture, “from luxury fibres to exquisite fabrics”.
‘Sustainability’ and the ‘Green’ message are hot topics on our agenda alongside ‘traceability’, from source to finished fabric.
Every employee, brand and company in the group have a vital part to play in the developments ahead and we’re looking forward to an exciting year.